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Terms and Conditions

This is a brief list of information for those who wish to contact us or use materials from the website.

1) is a website in the public domain. Some areas are reserved only to website operators, but generally all areas are open to everyone and use of the website is free of charge. The email addresses provided are available to anyone who needs to communicate with website staff. However, abuse through email bombing, spam and other unwelcome actions is not authorised. To be clear, spam and the actions listed above are not tolerated. As a result, Nuncas Italia will report any cases to the competent authorities.

2) Copyright © 2013

3) All of the material and content on, both images and text, is protected by copyright. Each writer of the entries is directly responsible for them and holds the rights provided under copyright regulations. Anything marked with a copyright symbol (©) is protected and owned by the legitimate owners. The domain is the property of Nuncas Italia.

4) All acronyms used relating to web technologies are the property of the legitimate owners. Unless explicitly indicated otherwise, none of the content may be reproduced on paper, electronic media (floppy disks, CD-ROMs, websites, etc.) or other media for profit or for distribution as one’s own or for any other reason. In that case, please request authorisation from Nuncas Italia (

Legal Notes
Users who access the pages of the website implicitly accept the following conditions:

1) The documentation, images, trademarks and anything else published and reproduced on this website are the property of Nuncas Italia and reproduction for the general public is prohibited. The company bears no liability for the content of this website or its use by third parties, or for any infections resulting from access to, interconnection with or downloads of materials and computer programmes from this website. Therefore, Nuncas Italia shall not be held liable for any reason whatsoever for damages, losses or detriments of any type that may be suffered by third parties as a result of contact with this website or following the use of its content as well as the software used.

2) Any information spontaneously provided to the website by third parties may be freely used by Nuncas Italia. No personal data will be requested from visitors to access the website. Any requests for information or data sent by website users via the email link may involve processing the personal data of such third-party users. Providing the aforementioned personal data is absolutely optional and in any event at the discretion of the party concerned. Nuncas Italia is a company established under Italian law and, as data controller, it shall process personal data in compliance with the rules set forth in Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 (ref. art. 13 and art. 7).
In particular, in order to respond to requests for information and promotional/advertising materials, it will process personal data with computerised and electronic and, when necessary, manual, instruments strictly for the aforementioned purposes, and in any event in a manner which guarantees data security. The personal data of site users will be stored at Nuncas Italia, via G. Keplero 29, 20019 Settimo Milanese (MI).

3) The party concerned may enforce his or her rights provided under Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 (ref. art. 13 and art. 7) with respect to Nuncas Italia at any time.

Important: If you wish to update/change or delete information relating to your personal data, you can send your request simply by writing to

4) This website does not use cookies, which means that the data of users and their activity on the website will not be recorded.