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How to wash swimwear

Radiant, every time!

Nowadays, the fashion is for delicate swimwear, with decorations, and in various materials, in light fabrics that are lined to avoid any see-through areas. In order to wash these garments without damaging them, you need a specific method and a specific product – let Nuncas show you how.
At one time, swimsuits were simple garments made of lycra – plain or patterned and easy to clean with a product suitable for stretch fabrics. Nowadays, they should be washed carefully, taking into consideration how they have changed over the years – they have become a real fashion accessory, delicate and ornate with lace, ruffles, beads and even inserts in different materials, such as rhinestones, shells, wood and metal.
The first gesture of love towards your beachwear: rinse them in under running water to remove any sea water (salt toughens the fibres) or pool water (chlorine changes their colour).
Once at home, or in the hotel, wash your swimwear by placing it in a basin with lukewarm water and a special detergent, such as Nuncas Silk & Delicates, which respects the properties of delicate, elasticated fabrics, and also performs an important sanitising action. Do not rub: dissolve the detergent in the water and leave the garments to soak for a few minutes. If there are any stains – such as sun cream – remove them by pouring a few drops of detergent directly onto the affected area and rubbing gently with your fingertips. Rinse thoroughly, squeeze out the water without twisting too much and then, for the more delicate items with decorations made of different materials, absorb any excess water in a towel (as necessary).
If you want to wash your swimwear in the washing machine, put them in an old cotton pillowcase to protect them, close the clasp of bikini tops and do not overload the machine. Avoid machine washing swimwear with inserts made of glass, wood, shells, etc.
Select the delicates or lingerie programme on your machine, then pour the recommended amount of Nuncas Silk & Delicates detergent into the dispenser – you need a special detergent that also maintains the elasticity of your swimwear, not just a mild soap.
Hang your swimwear inside out, without clothes pegs if possible, or by putting the pegs on the gusset or areas