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How to wash lingerie, swimsuits and sportswear

The right products and methods

In the summer we tend to wear clothes made of modern, often synthetic fabrics like lycra, which keeps our swimsuits elastic, and technical fibres, which most sportswear is made out of. When it comes to washing these garments at home, it is essential to understand that their characteristics are substantially different from those of natural fibres. That’s why they need special treatment.
What's more, when on holiday, the physical space available for washing clothes may be significantly reduced, therefore to ensure that your laundry comes out in tip top condition, it is useful to put into practice a proven method that relies mainly on a proper washing technique, helped by the right product.
Colourful swimsuits with embroidery, or embellished with beads and sequins, are subjected to considerable stress during the day caused by salt, sand, scorching sunlight and greasy creams that can soil or stain. To restore their beauty and hygiene at the end of the day, your swimsuits need a beauty bath, like the one given by Silk & Delicates, a Nuncas product formatted specifically for delicate underwear, and ideal for swimsuits. In addition to thoroughly cleaning these garments, it gently sanitises them and maintains the elasticity of synthetic fibres.
To wash your swimsuits, fill a basin with warm water and add two caps of Silk & Delicates. Shake the garments to remove any traces of sand and gravel, then immerse them in the water and let them soak for a few minutes. Rub bikini bottoms at the cotton gusset, then rinse thoroughly and hang them out to dry, taking care not to use clothes pegs (or only in small, hidden corners). Once dry, your swimsuits will have a pleasant scent of rose.
Sports clothes, which are characterised by padded, waxed, waterproofed, breathable or anti-UV fabrics, should be treated carefully, because they normally need to be sanitised, cleaned and deodorised, especially in summer when we perspire a lot more. Whether you wash by hand, or use a washing machine, Sportswear is a perfect detergent for technical fabrics. Its advanced formula thoroughly cleans the fibres, respecting the treated fabrics so it doesn’t remove the protective coating, UV filters or special waxes. At the same time, Sportswear sanitises your clothes, killing bacteria that form during sweating, and thus preventing the formation of unpleasant odours.
Proceed with a normal wash, following the indications on the label, and hang the clothes away from direct sunlight. Following these little tips when you wash your technical clothing and sportswear will help keep them perfect for longer and, more often than not, you will not even need to iron them. In true holiday style.