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Make your terrace shine

The art of caring for terracotta, tiled and stone floors

The weeks leading up to the arrival of summer are the most suitable to enjoy your outdoor views. Is not yet quite warm enough, however the nights are already longer, allowing us to benefit from a few hours more daylight – so the only thing left to do is to organise the terrace so that it looks really impeccable. It is not just about heeding the advice of exterior decorators, but especially about learning the art of cleaning terracotta, tile and stone floors in a professional manner.
These surfaces are all very different, but Nuncas has a specific product for each of them.
It is not enough just to wash these exterior floors to restore their original beauty; their beauty must also be preserved, especially after the winter during which limescale deposits and stains have marked the surfaces, leaving them dull and dirty.
At first it may seem like a complex task, however if you use the right products, your cleaning routine will be much simpler. First step: identify the problem and choose the right products based on the type of flooring and type of dirt (or stains) to be cleaned.
First, use a specific detergent for exteriors, such as DSA, which is perfect for all outdoor flooring. Its ammonia base combined with an intense degreasing action works to remove dirt, dust, smog and soot – leaving the tiles gleaming!
If the tiles are marked with efflorescence or stains from flower pots or pools of water, you should use a descaling product, such as A.T.6. This product includes a descaling agent that dissolves everything, from atmospheric deposits to encrusted dirt. If you have a black stone or slate floor, to restore the intense colour of this dark material, after washing apply a wax treatment, such as Slate Wax, which is formulated specifically for this precious material.
Are you fortunate enough to have a terracotta floor – either old or new? Then your needs are different, and once the limescale has been removed, you should protect your floor properly by applying a coat of Rustica 1 Wax, a sealing and waterproofing wax that will protect the floor from stains. You should then wax the floor using Rustica 2 Wax for a real sparkle effect and additional protection. For weekly cleaning, use an ad hoc detergent, such as Winto Terracotta.
Once you have treated your terrace to this beauty routine, you'll be ready to use it as an extra room in your home. You can now focus on the decor, opting for deck chairs or chairs upholstered with light fabrics (so they can easily be washed in the washing machine!) and a collection of outdoor candles and plants (climbing or not) to give the terrace a more lived-in, informal, intimate feel.
Entertaining outdoors is one of the “musts” of the current season: once you have thoroughly cleaned the floors, everything will seem easier. You just need a beautifully set table, some wine glasses, a good book and some music to create a relaxing corner overlooking the city skyline, or a place to entertain friends with al fresco drinks.