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Clean, well-protected marble

Cleaning and protecting your marble is a simple, effortless task

Marble is a wonderful material – precious, elegant, contemporary and seductive. Sometimes, however, identifying the best way to look after it can be confusing. Don’t worry – nowadays, protecting and cleaning marble can be simple and effortless: let the experts at Nuncas tell you how.
Polished floors that frame a room, tiled bathrooms with elegant woodwork that create a warm environment that is cosy yet sophisticated, and also shelves, worktops and decorative items. Marble is a very porous and delicate surface: the first rule of hygiene and cleanliness is to protect it from stains that could damage or corrode it, such as accidental make-up spills, lemon, oily or greasy fingerprints, and signs of limescale. Even harsh detergents can damage it. Marble is formed from limestone, therefore all acidic products, such as limescale removers, instantly dissolve it leaving the surface dull and rough. To help you, we will focus on the two major areas of intervention in the home: floors and worktops or tiles.
To clean marble floors, you should use a specific product – such as Winto Marble – that removes dirt deep down without damaging the delicate surface of the porous marble. It can be used on all types of marble, even those with a glossy finish, and it is really excellent on white marble. It can be used as a normal floor detergent and does not require any effort or special skills.
Once cleaned, your marble floors should be waxed to protect them from stains, scratches and signs of aging. No need to use a floor polisher (unless you are passionate about them), because nowadays most waxes are self-polishing. You can choose from three different types of wax, depending on the type of flooring.
If the floor is not polished and you want to obtain a shiny effect, choose Nuncas’ 20 Carat Wax, a metallic self-polishing wax that is easy to apply and leaves a shiny protective film on your floor that is resistant to wear and normal washing for six months. Because its ingredients are colourless, it is ideal for white floors and travertine.
If the floor is natural or polished, Nuncas’ 52 Wax is the best product to use. It is a traditional, excellent quality wax that will add shine to your marble floors. You can polish it with a simple woollen cloth or with a floor polisher (for large surfaces, the second option is preferable).
If, however, your passion is for matt marble floors, you should still use a wax because your floors still need to be protected. Choose Nuncas’ Protective wax natural effect: its invisible protective film prevents the absorption of dirt and stains without altering the original matte finish of the marble.
So how should you apply the wax? You need a bucket and an old towel (not too big) soaked in water and then wrung out vigorously as if out of the washing machine after the spin cycle. Pour the wax into the bucket without diluting it, soak the towel and then wring it out slightly. Wipe the floor with it once only, moving in the same direction and taking care not to go over the same area twice. The first time, add two coats of wax within a few hours of one another to form a compact, resistant layer, then wax again every 3 or 6 months and always remember to remove the wax coating (using a specific product) every 3-4 years to keep your floor looking like new.
For marble floors in the kitchen or bathroom, and also for the regular cleaning of window sills (to prevent atmospheric dirt from sticking), you can use a specific product, such as Bel Marmo, a cleanser that gently removes dirt, creating a barrier on the surface of the marble that isolates it from dirt and aggressive agents. This product is provided in a practical spray dispenser so you can spray it directly on the surface to be cleaned and wipe it without any effort.
For large vertical surfaces, such as the inside of the shower, the marble can be treated using Winto Marble (the same product that you would use for floors, so you can economise both time and money) and then protected from limescale and any stains with 20 Carat Wax or Protective wax natural effect, the same as for the floors.
With this treatment, your marble surfaces will always be hygienically safe, clean and well protected. All you need is to test them out on your guests (even inattentive ones).