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Organiser son grand nettoyage de printemps

Desire for cleanliness, order and freshness

When the first light of spring enters the home, we are seized by an unexpected urge to clean, tidy and freshen up the place. This is normal, as the dust that you had not seen until now has suddenly been exposed, illuminated by the rays of the sun: you will suddenly spot all the flaws that until the previous day had been invisible. The curtains look a bit grey, the upholstery of the sofas and cushions needs to be washed, the fixtures should be thoroughly cleaned – the whole house needs to be deeply refreshed and you feel on the verge of a panic attack!
But don’t despair, the solution is much easier than you think: you just need a detailed organisation plan (professional, I would say) and a basket of effective products, chosen according to the type of house you live in. Wood, ceramics, glass and plastic surfaces are all very different and should therefore be treated in different ways. Some basic advice may be helpful to begin.
The first thing to do is remove the curtains and wash them, taking note of when the wash cycle will be finished because you should hang them out immediately to prevent any creases!
Meanwhile, dust the ceiling and wash the shutters and windows – this work will dirty the floor, which you should leave to last to clean. Wipe any paintings, ornaments and shelves with a clean cloth. Then vacuum or sweep the floor. Finally, wash and possibly wax the floor. To overcome any anxiety regarding your workload, divide up the work over several days and prepare a task list. In this way, you can face even the most arduous of housework with complete serenity. Make a list of surfaces to be cleaned, room by room, and identify the correct detergent for each task.

The indispensable products that should be included in your basket include:
- An all-purpose detergent (such as Nuncas Casa 9 All Purpose Detergent)
- A detergent for cleaning glass (Glasnet will not leave any streaks)
- A detergent for shutters and window frames (such as DSA Shutters and Frames)
- An anti-dust product or detergent for wooden furniture (Nuncas Anti-Dust or Nuncas Cleansing Milk)
- A detergent for floors (Fragrant Floors or a detergent from the Winto floors line)
- Floor wax (if necessary, you can choose a product from the wide range of wax products by Nuncas)
Buy all products in advance so you won’t have to stop working. Don’t try to do everything at once – set aside some time to enjoy the result. Do you know what Rita Konig says on the subject in her book "Domestic Bliss"? She cannot wait to clean the bathroom from top to bottom, tile by tile, and then relax in a scented bath in her perfectly clean bathroom, using a few drops of her most expensive bubble bath! That's the spirit. Organise yourself just as a professional would. Get the right products (Nuncas has one for every need and surface) and work hard for a short time. Then admire the result and take the time to relax ... living in a house that smells