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Soft and moisturised leather: even for your shoes!

Take care of them today to keep them looking beautiful for longer

Autumn always brings with it the need to protect our skin in a different way: this doesn’t just apply to the body and face, it is also valid for our shoes, bags and sofas! They need exactly the same beauty routine as you do, which can change the appearance and durability of your accessories and furnishings: all you need is a cleansing milk and a nourishing cream. The principle is the same: take care of them today to keep them looking beautiful for longer because, unfortunately, some leather damage is irreversible and preventing it is the only way to ensure a long life for our belongings and therefore for our investments. Do not suppress your urge to buy a special item thinking that you won’t know how to take care of it: if you learn the method (it's really simple!) and purchase the right products, you can take care of it without much effort – by following three simple steps: protect, cleanse, regenerate.
When you purchase a shiny new pair of leather shoes, they are clean and perfectly hydrated.
But what happens when, after the first few uses, they become covered with dirt and dry out due to the dust, pollution, and excessive heating of the areas they frequent? What happens to them is exactly the same as what happens to our own skin – they are at constant risk of cracking and unsightly wrinkles.
First of all, remember that smooth leather and suede are materials that should be treated differently.
The surface of leather can be smooth, or it can have different finishes, such as hammered, grained or printed. Suede is different (and there are different treatments): it is a smooth leather that has been “abraded” to give it the effect we are familiar with.
When you bring home a smooth leather accessory, the first thing to do is protect it with a treatment that waterproofs it and protects it from the dangers of everyday use, especially from stains.
A nourishing cream made from carnauba wax – also used in professional tanneries – is perfect for this purpose because its wax base creates a protective film on the surface that protects against scratches and stains.
Nuncas’ Neutral Leather Nourishing Cream is a suitable treatment – a beauty mask that should be used on a regular basis. It is made of carnauba wax and can be used to protect newly purchased items or regenerate old ones.
Shoes, bags and jackets are the most exposed to the dirt of the city and should always be cleaned at least once a week with a delicate product that carefully eliminates dust, fingerprints and smudges. A neutral product, without any colour, it is suitable for any colour of leather and can be used on clothing and furniture because it does not stain and will not change the original colour of the leather. Leather Cleansing Milk is a product specifically formulated by Nuncas for the everyday cleaning of smooth or grained leather – it is a neutral product enriched with extracts of lanolin, which keeps the leather supple and hydrated without removing its sheen, softness and original colour.
However, it is important to remember that the third important step – after the protection and frequent gentle cleaning of your leather – is to nourish it! Every two or three months, you should buff your leather using Neutral Leather Nourishing Cream that can be used on any type and colour of leather thanks to its excellent polishing and nourishing properties which, over time, help to waterproof the surface, reducing the risk of stains and marks and making it more resistant to friction and wear.
In the case of suede, spray an ad hoc protective product onto clean objects to protect them from the elements and limit the level of absorption that is typical of this delicate workmanship. To clean suede, you can rely on home remedies, such as a cotton cloth dampened with water and a few drops of mild wool detergent.
You just need a few products for your simple but sophisticated beauty case for leather, which will allow you to enjoy the beauty of all your leather items, including shoes, belts and furnishings, protecting them and keeping them like new for many years to come.