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Shining table

Whatever your style

The arrival of the festive season brings with it the perfect opportunity to dust off your silverware and bring it back to life. Too often – mostly out of laziness – we put away our silver treasures for most of the year, at the back of drawers or in a display cabinet, but always unused. This is a mistake as it deprives us of some of the small pleasures in life, like a beautifully served table or a glittering ornament. Whether you have a modern, contemporary and minimalist style or you prefer more classical, richly embellished and decorated table services, using silver tableware at Christmas, on New Year's Eve, or just for dinner among friends gives an extra touch that you will always remember. So forget these regrets, now it is time to polish your silverware!
Silver tableware can be divided into two large families: cutlery, plates, jugs and anything else that comes into contact with food and is brought to the mouth, and “mood” items, such as candlesticks, centrepieces, napkin rings and any ornaments that personalise the table setting.
All items that come into contact with food must be cleaned, polished and finally rinsed to ensure that no residues are ingested. For cutlery, an immediate solution (surprisingly) is Silverware Cleaner, a miraculous liquid into which you can dip 3 or 4 dry and dusted cutlery items for 2 seconds at a time: forks and spoons will look just like new. A word of warning: do not immerse the knife blades in the product and always respect the times indicated on the packaging – they are short but absolutely sufficient. Rinse the cutlery under running water, then dry them with a linen or lightweight fabric tea towel … et voilà!
For trays, bowls, jugs and other items, you should instead use a cream that is easy to apply, or a spray. Pour a few drops onto a soft cloth or spray a little product on the surface and rub, but not excessively to avoid scratching the metal. Then wipe with a clean cloth and polish them to perfection. If you want to use these items to hold food, wipe them with a wet sponge first, then dry and polish them with a soft cloth. If the object you are cleaning will not come into contact with food at all, you can clean it with the same products but without rinsing, so the silver will remain clear and shining for longer. If your candlesticks and other ornaments are genuine works of baroque art, full of intricate decorations and details, the problem will be the tarnished corners that cannot be accessed using just a cloth.
However, there is an ad hoc product to solve this problem: Engraved Silver is specially formulated to act chemically without leaving any residue; just spray it on, leave it to work, then rinse off and all of the greyish patina will be removed immediately (without the use of awkward brushes). Use this holiday season as an opportunity to enjoy and show off your treasures and discover how easy it is to take care of them. Silver is a very precious metal, it has natural antibacterial properties and is therefore even recommended for use as children’s cutlery during the weaning process: one more reason to use them every day!