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Come into a Nuncas boutique and feel at home!

  • Le boutique Nuncas


The flagship of our distribution network is characterised by our two boutiques in Milan. They provide a welcoming environment where you can find the wide range of Nuncas products to take care of your own home and turn it from a simple house to a home in which it is a pleasure to live.
When you walk into one of our boutiques, you will find a warm and welcoming atmosphere that will make you feel immediately at home, and you will be surrounded by our fresh, delicate fragrances that will carry you throughout your shopping experience.
We want the best for our customers: we are always by your side to listen to your needs and requirements. Our professional, qualified staff will definitely be able to give you the right advice and a specific answer to your every request.
Therefore, every purchase will be a real Nuncas experience!