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What we do

Established in Italy in 1920, based on an idea of its founder, Nunzio Cassata, today Nuncas is one of the leading companies specialised in the production and sale of products for
laundry and fabric care, home cleaning and care, and room fragrances. The passion for the search for natural and pure raw materials has also prompted Nuncas to become a leader in the field of personal care products with a complete line of totally organic skin care products.
In over ninety years, the company has never lost sight of its goal: the constant pursuit of excellence for the complete satisfaction of the customer.
For this reason, the core of our business is the Research and Development department. Our guiding principle is to produce innovative products that respect both the customer and the environment. We have over 220 specific products that meet every home care and cleaning need – the result of a thorough and uncompromising Quality Control which, starting with the selection of raw materials, oversees every stage of production of the product.
Today, as yesterday, the strength of Nuncas is based on a basic principle:
not to align ourselves with the standardisation of the market but to satisfy the most demanding customers with highly qualified products.