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Innovation zero impact

Commitment to the environment Nuncas

Innovation and sustainability for the new headquarters Nuncas: the first building that generates its own energy.
The headquarters, a new plant in Settimo Milanese, avant-garde in Italy and Europe for its advanced technology and architectural solutions and techniques employed, was deliberately designed by the engineer Luca Manzoni to have a minimal environmental impact, like all Nuncas products. It is self-sufficient in energy by using solar panels, uses eco-friendly materials and is an example to be copied as far as home automation, ventilation and natural lighting .
All this has allowed Nuncas to win the prize Ecohitech Awards 2009 for the category " Companies eco- virtuous."
The commitment of Nuncas is also visible in the study, design and manufacture of products that respect the environment and the health of the client. It starts from the raw materials, carefully selected by the Research and Development sector, according to the criteria of non-toxicity and high quality, to eliminate anything that appears to be particularly dangerous or polluting; it goes on with the basic ingredients of fragrances, natural, hypoallergenic, until the bottles, no more PVC (polyvinyl chloride ), but in PE (polyethylene), a more eco-friendly plastic, which assures a lower impact on the health of workers who work the plastic material at high temperatures. Finally, the cartons used for packaging are made ​​from recycled paper.

Description Minore emissione di CO2 in atmosfera da progetto espressa in ton annue Lower emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere effective in tons per year from January 2008 to present
Condensing boiler 18,38 87,19
Heat Pump 178,49 1292,80
Movement of ground water in coverage 2,55 9,73
Auto Adjust 6,53 13,03
Solar panels for domestic hot water 0,68 3,64
photovoltaic panels 82,12 457,31
Lighting tubes with lights and automatic adjustment luc 14,73 163,87
TOTAL 302,8 2027,58