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Identifying a need

A stained T-shirt, curtains to be cleaned, a floor to be polished, a drawer to be scented or a room to be freshened up – these are all customer needs. The story of the Nuncas products begins right here, with the identification of a need related to the world of home care. Nothing is overlooked: the markets are analysed, new materials and fibres are researched, and new trends in home furnishings and customer feedback are also examined. All this in order to keep pace with an ever-changing world.



"Ready for a new adventure?” challenges Rosy Maria Cassata, Creative Director at Nuncas, before she begins, along with her team of professionals, to set out the characteristics of the product that will soon be introduced to the market.
Thus begins the research phase of the new product and the analysis of the results to be achieved by its use. What texture will it have? What colour? What will the bottle look like? What results will be obtained?
These and many others are the questions that Nuncas has to answer.




The product research and design phase is complete and the Nuncas team knows what the objectives are.
Now the experience and qualifications of the experts at the chemical laboratory will give life to the formulation of the new product.
A genuinely special recipe, obtained through the research of the "most innovative and high-performance" ingredients on the market and their subsequent combination. Only a few formulas pass the stringent tests and scrutiny of the Research and Development team. The next phase will remain but a dream for many of them.



This is the decisive moment for the remaining product formulas in the competition.
Nuncas’ Creative Management carefully assesses their effectiveness and after several tests and thorough checking, the best formula is chosen – the one that merits being included in the Nuncas Collection.



The product formula has been selected. It works. It's the best. However it lacks personality. It is missing a scent, a fragrance, one that leaves its calling card each time a customer uses it. Fragrance has always been Nuncas’ signature. Only those who know the company in every detail are able to choose from the dozens of fragrances proposed by the best perfumers. This person is Rosy Maria Cassata. "It is important to identify an exclusive olfactory note that will give our product a soul, setting it apart from all the other products," says the Creative Director at Nuncas.


Stability Test

Once the fragrance has been added, the formula must withstand rigorous stability tests. A Nuncas product is uniform, it guarantees consistent performance for years, and always protects the environment and the safety of the customer to the best of its abilities.


Production tout à fait italienne

The product formula has stood all tests: a new Nuncas product is born! The chemical laboratories celebrate the new achievement. To satisfy the tens of thousands customer’s requests, an advanced technology support from Nuncas production departments is required. Nuncas, the real Made in Italy guarantee. The team leader is Mr Luca Manzoni, Managing and Operations Director. “The quality of every single product must be perfectly replicated on massive scale” declares Mr Manzoni. And this is true of each new Nuncas product which enters the market.



From a Need to the Project. From the Project to the Formula. From the Formula to the End Product, a new jewel of Nuncas is born and is ready for the distribution in Italy and abroad.

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