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Mondo Nuncas - Story


Twenty-six year-old Sicilian Nunzio Cassata arrives at Milan's Stazione Centrale railway station with a small business idea and one of his kites he always has with him.

He imported insoles for shoes which he sold to shoemakers and shoe craftsmen, but with the emergence of self-sufficiency Nunzio has to find a new direction.

Mondo Nuncas - Story


When fashion dictated to dress in white from head to toe, Nunzio Cassata launches the Bianchetto White Nuncas whitener.

This was the only product to keep shoes immaculately white and its launch marked the start of Nunzio’s newly founded small artisanal business.


Mondo Nuncas - Story


Nunzio hands over the strings of the Nuncas kite to his son Salvatore Cassata. The business continues to grow: Salvatore Pietro Cassata further expands the Nuncas range and launches the LIVAX line of floor waxes and the Glicetta line.


Mondo Nuncas - Story


The years of the economic boom. Nuncas consolidates its reputation by developing a series of innovative products: heavy duty hand cleaner for typographers, room sprays, the first fabric softener, detergent for windows and mirrors, wax spray for furniture and an exclusive detergent for synthetic materials.


Mondo Nuncas - Story


After two years of hard work, commitment and sacrifice, the company takes a major step. From artisanal business Nuncas becomes a limited company and transforms into Nuncas Italiana S.r.l.


Mondo Nuncas - Story


Nuncas now has 31 employees and is in its third generation. Together with husband Luca Manzoni, Salvatore’s daughter Rosy Cassata turns the company into a dynamic and advanced business: Nuncas Italia S.p.A. This period sees the launch of VITTORIA VERDE: a range of hygiene and personal care products inspired by the quest for all natural things.

Mondo Nuncas - Story


The kite strings are handed over completely to Rosy and her husband Luca. Salvatore Cassata puts his daughter in charge of developing a new evocative brand of perfumes: COMPAGNIA DEI PROFUMI is launched. A line devoted to the fragrance of the enviroments and the protection of the tissues.

Mondo Nuncas - Story


Rosy Cassata and her husband Luca Manzoni open the new Settimo Milanese plant, the first energy-independent and 100% eco-sustainable industrial site in Italy.

Mondo Nuncas - Story


Nuncas is a well-established business not only in Italy but also across Europe thanks to the technical expertise of its cutting-edge laboratories, but also the passion and attentiveness invested in its relations with its customers, an approach that has enabled Nuncas' kite to continue to fly higher and higher.


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