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We believe

The philosophy we have always mantained is based on some very clear principles





Quality, always.
Nuncas creates specific, concentrated, effective products, designed for the maximum protection of consumers' health and the environment in compliance with the highest quality standards.






Deeply rooted tradition.
Since 1935, we have promoted our love of household care: commitment, passion, expertise, technique and experience. Year after year, generation after generation, Nuncas is by your side – our history is your history.






The journey towards constant innovation takes us past many milestones: investment, culture, competence, experiment and testing. Constant attention to detail, a guarantee of efficacy and satisfaction for the consumer.











100% Italian expertise.
Nuncas harnesses our immense national heritage and turns it into a pride and a target. That’s why Nuncas manufactures high-quality products of excellence to care for the most precious and refined materials.





Nuncas is.

I like to think that the home is the true refuge of the body and the soul.
The place where everyone finds themselves and their own way of being.
This is why I believe that we should live it without fear, naturally. The real beauty of an environment is achieved when, as you enter, you feel its soft, comfortable presence, worn by those who live there every day.
The house is the magical blanket that protects our lives – it is welcoming and protective, rich in values but eager for good advice and a lot of common sense.
The home should be cared for and managed: that is why I am constantly seeking practical and excellent solutions that can make this task easier, transforming every action into a source of small everyday satisfaction.

Rosy Cassata