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DSA Concentrated Degreaser

DSA Concentrated Degreaser

Concentrated ammonia detergent

DSA Concentrated Degreaser

Are you a fan of ammonia? Then this is the right product for you - a strong yet smart degreaser suitable for tackling even difficult and stubborn dirt, especially outdoors. Balconies, terraces and window sills, along with boats and campers: to remove the dirt typically found in these areas, you can count on this reliable ally. A powerful product to be used in different doses according to the area to be cleaned and the amount of dirt to be removed.

DSA Degreaser with Ammonia is a special concentrated detergent formulated to quickly remove all dirt, dust, smog and soot. Nuncas has formulated a special liquid solution that combines the power of surfactants and detergent soap, with the degreasing strength of ammonia for a combined effect. To thoroughly clean and sanitise any household surface, especially those exposed to atmospheric elements.
Essential for cleaning balconies, terraces and garden furniture made of metal and plastic, and to remove stains caused by sea water deposits or rain water and mould.

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Prepare a solution by diluting a small amount of product in water and wipe all the surfaces of the house with a soft and dry cloth or sponge. Cleans in one step without rinsing, for floors that are clean, deodorised and sanitised.
Use full-strength on extremely stubborn dirt, pouring a small amount onto a damp sponge and wiping the surface to be treated. Rinse only if necessary.


Fresh mint and pine fragrance

Perfect for washing floors or clinker facades of buildings. When poured full-strength on a sponge, it restores the pure white finish of blackened plastic tables and chairs, or the family camper. Essential for the daily cleaning of homes with pets.

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