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Laundry detergent that prevents dyes from bleeding onto other clothes


You don’t need a lot of detergents to wash different coloured garments – mixed, solid black and colours. The secret is to use a detergent able to keep colours in the textures preventing the transfer during the wash. This solution is much more effective than special sheets that, by allowing the colour to be released from the fabric, may even lead to fading! To wash your garments deep-down at temperatures as low as 30°C, Nuncas has created Lindo, a hand or machine wash detergent that is perfect for obtaining clean laundry with reliable results.

This concentrated detergent, with its high quantity of enzymes that are already effective at 30°C, is enhanced by the degreasing action of surfactants. The perfect detergent for all your laundry needs (whites, colours, and even solid black) since it removes dirt and stubborn stains from all fabrics, both whites and colours. Its anti-transfer active ingredient slows the release of colour and prevents it from being re-deposited on lighter garments. Does not contain optical brighteners to prevent fading, stains and clear residues from appearing on fabric. Keeps colours bright while acting deep-down to clean the fibres.

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(dosage instructions are listed on the label)
Thanks to its concentrated formula, a little goes a long way. Pour into the detergent compartment of the washing machine, making sure you don’t overload the machine (too many clothes will prevent the machine from rinsing thoroughly)

Spicy, unisex

Add a few drops of the full-strength product directly onto stains to eliminate stubborn traces such as grass or wine

Where can i find Biolindo?

Biolindo Information on the availability of this product in the Nuncas retail point nearest to you