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Specific product for removing mould


Don’t you just hate mould? It’s difficult to remove and, if not removed completely, it comes right back. Yes, because we often believe that eliminating dark mould stains means that the problem is solved. Unfortunately that’s not the case. What you need is a specific and serious product that can make it disappear forever from all surfaces and corners of the home where moisture accumulates (from the grout between the tiles, especially those in the shower).

Anti-Mould is an innovative product that professionally and definitively solves all your household mould problems. As opposed to chlorine-based cleaners, the active ingredients of this product act by eliminating existing mould (even caked-on) and attaching to the surface to prevent the regrowth of microorganisms for a long time (even permanently). Essential for pre-treating corners of the house where moisture accumulates, which can serve as fertile ground for the development of mould.

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Spray the product directly onto the surface to be treated, at a distance of about 30 centimetres. Leave on for 30 minutes. Blot excess product with a paper towel or a dry sponge, but do not rinse, to allow the product to act effectively. In areas where water flows, repeat the treatment periodically to ensure its preventive action. On walls blackened with mould, wipe with a sponge dampened with a solution of bleach and water before treating with Anti-Mould. Allow to dry thoroughly before bleaching again.

Fragrance-free product

Use it to clean silicone seals around sinks and shower cubicles to keep them in perfect condition.

Where can i find Antimuffa?

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