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Antitarme Forte 12 Foglietti

Antitarme Forte 12 Foglietti

Protects wool garments from moths

Antitarme Forte 12 Foglietti

Even clothes moths evolve! Did you know that, nowadays, moths are active throughout the year and not only feed on wool? Modern homes, well heated, in winter are the ideal environment for moths to live in and reproduce, not only in spring as in nature, but throughout the year. This explains why it’s not unusual to find small larvae active, even in winter. And when they don’t find wool, they also feed on cotton and other plant-based fibres. While they don’t have enough energy to grow, they still manage to do damage. For this reason it’s important to protect our garments throughout the year, in all closets and drawers, with special products authorised by the Italian Ministry of Health that not only act as repellents, but eliminate moths at every stage of their development.

Anti-Moth Strong is a Medical Surgical Device authorised by the Italian Ministry of Health that offers long-lasting, effective protection for wool garments against attacks by clothes moths. While eliminating adult moths and preventing the deposit of new eggs, its formula acts immediately on existing larvae, which feed on wool in order to grow and are responsible for damaging fabric. Also prevents eggs from hatching. This moth killer can be used to disinfect wardrobes and drawers already invaded by moths but especially to prevent the introduction of new insects.
Nuncas has added sophisticated fragrances to the formula to refresh and keep garments fragrant for the entire season.

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(dosage instructions are listed on the label)
The product is packaged in a sealed aluminium envelope, from which the paper impregnated with the active ingredient and fragrance must be removed. Avoid excessive contact.
For wardrobes and closets:
Place the disks in closets or wardrobes, hanging them from the garment rod.
For drawers:
Place the sheets in drawers or boxes of clothing, leaning them on the side or on clothing hangers, without allowing them to come into contact with the garments.
Remains effective for up to three months.

Available in two different formats – sheets for drawers and disks for wardrobes – and in three exclusive fragrances:
Fresh Lavender (the authentic scent of Provencal lavender)
Classic Cologne (a heady mix of citrus and herbs)
Delicate floral (fresh flowers, the scent of clean)

After washing all garments at the end of the season and cleaning wardrobes and drawers, protect them with Nuncas Anti-Moth Strong: you’ll find them one year later fresh smelling and clean, without any holes.
Essential to keep in your suitcase to protect your clothes, even in the closets of hotels where moths may nest.

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