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Bel Marmo

Bel Marmo

Clean, shiny, waterproof marble

Bel Marmo

Marble is an extremely porous and delicate surface that must be protected from accidental product spills that cause stains or even corrosion: grease, makeup, limescale deposits, lemon ... This material requires a specific product that cleans and then "shields” with an invisible protective film – a veritable barrier against dirt and aggressive agents.

Bel Marmo is a specific and innovative product, suitable for the cleaning and care of all marble surfaces, even the most delicate. This extremely advanced formula is designed to clean all marble surfaces with a single spray, leaving them shiny and protected under an invisible film that acts as a water-repellent barrier against coloured stains and dirt. Essential for preventing the formation of streaks and indelible marks that, once absorbed into the stone, remain trapped there forever. Safe for areas where food is prepared, since the product leaves no residues on surfaces.

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Spray directly onto the surface and wipe with a soft, dry cloth. For an even more brilliant finish, allow the product to penetrate for a few seconds and then polish with a woollen cloth.

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An essential daily cleanser for bathroom counters where perfume and limescale deposits can alter the colour of the marble, and for the periodic cleaning of window sills to prevent atmospheric dirt from sticking.

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