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Multi-surface detergent cream


The surfaces of our home, featuring increasingly sought-after and valuable materials, require a special cleaner for their hygiene and care. A product designed to remove dirt and limescale deposits from all smooth and porous surfaces, which can ensure a deep clean while protecting even the most delicate materials.

Brax is a cream cleanser with micro abrasive particles that remove deep-down dirt from all household surfaces, including ceramic, marble, laminated wood, plastic and metal. Its special formula, rich in surfactants, makes it an ideal product for Corian® and composite materials as well. The regenerating action easily removes damaged layers on the surface, such as black streaks and absorbed stains.

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Brax is used full-strength, by pouring a small amount directly onto a sponge or dampened cloth. Its creamy formula with controlled viscosity, which is neither too thin nor too thick, allows you to use the right amount of product, with no waste. Once the surface is clean, rinse thoroughly and dry with a clean cloth. Do not use on natural wood and lacquered materials

Ultra-fresh floral fragrance

Use it to remove soot and dirt that collects on laminated surfaces with embossed and rough finishes like those found on desks and shelves.
Also ideal for dissolving limescale deposits from marble surfaces.


Where can i find Brax?

Brax Information on the availability of this product in the Nuncas retail point nearest to you