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Liquid limescale remover for stovetop coffee makers and espresso machines


Which is the secret for a perfect cup of coffee? An excellent blend and a coffee maker in tip-top shape. Like every other household appliance, coffee makers also require routine maintenance to keep them working properly. According to Italian tradition, moka coffee pots should never be washed with soap. However, in both stove top and electric coffee makers, if the reservoir is dirty or clogged by limescale and the percolated coffee cannot make its way through the holes, the taste will be compromised. That's why you need a periodic treatment that allows all the coffee’s aroma to make its way into the cup.

Caffettiere is a special descaling product that quickly and safely dissolves the limescale residue that is deposited in the water tank and filters of coffee makers and espresso machines. Its effective descaling power quickly liberates the jets of the filters, allowing water to filter properly through the coffee grounds in a uniform way, to capture all the coffee’s flavour. With a natural acid base, it rinses off thoroughly, leaving no residue. Does not harm plastic parts like seals or tubing.

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(dosage instructions are listed on the label)
Suitable for use on both electric espresso machines and moka coffee makers (for modern electric coffee makers, carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions).
Stovetop coffee maker: fill the tank with a solution prepared with water and the limescale remover. Bring to the boil and let the water “bubble up” completely. Rinse thoroughly. For a thorough cleaning, refill the tank with water and heat as if you were making a cup of coffee, discard the infused water and allow to air dry.
Electric espresso machines: fill the tank with a solution prepared with water and the limescale remover. Turn on the machine and proceed as you would to prepare a normal cup of coffee. Flush the solution through the steam or hot water nozzles as well. Rinse with water only, repeating the operation at least twice.

Completely odourless. Will not affect your next cup of coffee.


Perform this treatment on your coffee pot or coffee machine at least once a year to keep it in top condition, or when the coffee begins to lose its flavour and the grounds in the filter appear to be unevenly moistened

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