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Casa9 Delicate Degreaser

Casa9 Delicate Degreaser

Multi-use detergent that fights everyday dirt, with no need to rinse

Casa9 Delicate Degreaser

Intelligence is the true virtue of a multi-use product, not its ability to attack dirt without even recognising it, since not all dirt is similar. Think of makeup remover: would you use a facial scrub to remove mascara from your eyes? Of course not, because you need a specific product that dissolves and removes it, gently all over, not something that you scratch off abruptly. The same holds true for the surfaces of your home: a true multi-use product recognises and respects them because it is formulated to act only where needed. This is why Nuncas created the Casa 9 line, a range that combines detergents calibrated according to the type of dirt to be removed: more gentle to remove dirt and fingerprints simply and easily during daily cleaning, and stronger to perform a targeted action against stubborn dirt.

Casa 9 All-Purpose Cleaner is a spray detergent suitable for any type of surface that quickly eliminates dirt on a daily basis. It works quickly without rinsing to remove stains, dust, fingerprints, and can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room. Casa 9 All-Purpose Cleaner is your ally that can even degrease the most delicate surfaces, such as lacquered furniture and furnishings in enamelled metal, without leaving streaks behind.

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Spray directly onto the surface to be treated (or only where needed) then wipe with a soft, clean cloth. No need to rinse. Does not leave streaks, perfect for use even on shiny, lacquered materials.

With a pleasant and delicate lemon fragrance

Perfect for a final touch-up before guests arrive, to remove stains from the kitchen walls and floors, without having to clean the entire room!

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