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Cooking Marble and Stone

Cooking Marble and Stone

polishes and protects

Cooking Marble and Stone

You probably have a cutting board you are very attached to but that, over time, has been scratched by knives, stained by food or has developed cracks that fill with dirt. Let’s not mention the plastic containers we use to store food in and that do not always have a pleasant smell, not even after being washed. And what about that marble worktop we put food on, which is beautiful to look at but is really difficult to keep shiny and protected? There is no denying that looking after the kitchen surfaces and utensils that are subject to wear and that are in contact with foods is a daily and necessary task. Correctly cleaning the kitchen worktops and maintaining in good order all the utensils we use to prepare food is not enough. It is important to do so using products suitable for contact with food, that do not leave aggressive chemical residues which, in turn, could be transferred to the food we prepare.
For this reason, Nuncas, which is always at the forefront in this sector, has designed the innovative Cooking line, created and dedicated to the people who like to look after their kitchens in full safety. The Cooking line is the modern response to the increasingly widespread need to clean kitchen utensils and surfaces in an effective manner, without using aggressive substances and without giving up highly-performing products.
The products of the Cooking line are accurately made with non-hazardous raw materials and that, most importantly, derive from the ingredients used in food preparation. Every single ingredient has been subjected to thorough toxicological screening, in compliance with the current laws on food safety, to check that no substance is transferred to food. Additionally, no products in this line contain added fragrances, ensuring the products are completely neutral.


Cooking Marble and Stone is the specific product to revive and protect kitchen marble surfaces and worktops that come into contact with food. Marble is a precious material that is also very delicate and tends to ruin. This is particularly true in kitchens, where it is unavoidably exposed to squirts of food, dirty dishes and hot pans. Its special formula rich in carnauba (wax of plant origin) creates a shiny film over the surface, making it hydrorepellent, easier to clean and protected against stains.
It is perfect on any stone surface, natural or artificial.
Like all the products in the Cooking line, it is suitable for contact with foods. All its ingredients have undergone thorough toxicology and residue testing in compliance with the Regulation (EC) 1935/2004 to ensure that it is perfectly safe for food to come into contact with the treated surface.

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 The product is easy to use - spray it directly onto the stone and polish immediately with a soft woollen or cotton cloth until it is completely dry.

 It does not contain added fragrances so it does not alter the flavour of foods.

 Essential to avoid the formation of limescale and to renew the anti-stain protection professionally applied by the manufacturers.

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