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Drops Laundry Fragrance Classic

Drops Laundry Fragrance


Drops Laundry Fragrance Classic

Is there anything better than a freshly cleaned laundry? When we open the door of the washing machine, the scent of freshly washed clothes is unmistakable... but what a disappointment when it wears off after a few minutes or the smell is not as pleasant as we expected! If you want to give your fabrics a true scent, choose one of the fragrances from the Nuncas line of Fragrance Boosters: scented drops for the washing machine that give your clothes a distinctive aroma for a long-lasting olfactory experience.

A concentrated liquid fragrance specifically formulated for laundry, essential for giving your wash a fragrance as personal and unique as your own. Add during the final rinse or dilute in the spray bottle used to moisten fabrics before ironing, to make this chore more enjoyable. Its fragrance lasts for a long time also inside the closets, removing damp and stale smells and giving all your linens an extremely special scent.

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(dosage instructions are listed on the label)
To use in a washing machine, add the desired amount to the fabric softener tray. For wonderfully scented hand-wash garments, simply add Nuncas Fragrance Booster to the water of the final rinse. When used while ironing, dilute the product in water following the recommended doses and use it in a spray bottle to moisten garments before ironing.

Lavender (the authentic scent of Provencal lavender)
Bouquet Blanc (chypre)
Drops (fresh aldehyde)
Flowers (fresh flowers)

A must for washing clothes to be stored away until next season. When you take them out one year later, they’ll still smell fresh and clean.

Where can i find Drops Laundry Fragrance Classic?

Drops Laundry Fragrance Classic Information on the availability of this product in the Nuncas retail point nearest to you