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Steam Irons

Steam Irons

Liquid limescale remover for the maintenance of irons

Steam Irons

Tired of carrying around distilled water for your steam iron? If so, you’ll be pleased to discover that plain tap water can be used in your iron. And to keep limescale deposits away, all it takes is a quick and simple routine maintenance procedure with the right product. Even your iron’s water tank will be happy!

Steam Iron is a periodic descaling treatment that keeps your steam iron in tip-top shape, for superior and long-lasting performance. Use Steam Iron regularly, at least every 6 months, to prevent clumps and fluid from leaking from the steam holes, which could damage and stain your most valuable garments.

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(dosage instructions are listed on the label)
Fill the iron’s water tank with a solution prepared with water and the descaling product. Place the iron in a vertical position and heat it to a temperature that allows the maximum amount of steam to come out. Turn off the iron, place it horizontally on a surface resistant to acids (in a ceramic sink, in a basin of heat-resistant glass or plastic) and let it sit for 30 minutes while the solution slowly flows out. Then, empty the water reservoir or tank and rinse several times. Turn on the iron and expel an abundant quantity of steam from the holes to release the residue, then test the iron on a light cloth until all the limescale residue and yellow liquid contained in the iron disappears.

Fragrance-free product.

Empty the water tank each time the iron is used to prevent limescale from building up in the narrowest jets.

Where can i find Steam Irons?

Steam Irons Information on the availability of this product in the Nuncas retail point nearest to you