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Refrigerator sanitising detergent


Mould growing on fruit? In an environment that practically always has the door closed, this simple and common "accident" constitutes a sort of biological bomb ... Bad odour, risk of contamination, loss of hygiene – these scenarios must be avoided in the place where the most delicate and fresh food is stored. Frankly speaking, cleaning with a little baking soda is just not enough. That’s why it’s important to use a fast and, most importantly, safe product since it comes into contact with our food!
Refrigerator is a detergent specifically formulated to effectively clean and sanitise both the interior and the exterior of the refrigerator. Rich in alcohol and sanitising compounds, it cleans in a radical way, leaving no residue that could come into contact with food, even without rinsing. Quick and convenient, it eliminates odours – often synonymous with the presence of bacteria – leaving behind a pleasant fragrance of fresh lemon.

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Spray on a clean cloth and wipe the interior and exterior surfaces of the refrigerator. In case of stubborn dirt or deposits, such as those found in drip trays, spray directly on the affected area and wipe with a clean, dry cloth.

Pleasant lemon fragrance

Thanks to its special Nuncas formula, it can be used with the appliance turned on, with no need to defrost. Beware of the cooling plates at the bottom of the compartment – these must be cleaned without ice, at room temperature


Where can i find Refrigerator?

Refrigerator Information on the availability of this product in the Nuncas retail point nearest to you