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Specific detergent for windows and mirrors


A house with crystal-clear and shiny windows gives an immediate sense of order, elegance and true cleanliness. Wouldn’t you agree? However, for many people, these seemingly simple surfaces are actually quite difficult to clean: streaks are a constant threat and fatigue seems to be the only magic ingredient that allows them to stand the test of daylight. That’s no longer true ... times have changed, and the way we “do windows" too. Fast, practical and modern, in one word – Nuncas!

Glasnet is a detergent specifically formulated for cleaning glass and mirrors. It contains a calibrated balance of surfactants and alcohol to prevent the evaporation of the product too quickly leaving streaks on the surface. The perfect ally for cleaning glass in just one step, for truly unrivalled results. Enriched with ammonia, it degreases surfaces and rapidly removes fingerprints, marks left by insects, soot, smog, dust and raindrops. Its extraordinary solvent power is combined with a gentle, non-aggressive action that makes it the ideal product for ceramics and pottery. Will not harm enamel finishes and can even be used safely on display cases and valuable objects, such as those made with Murano glass.

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To clean windows, start from the top and work downwards. Spray Nuncas Glasnet directly onto the surface to be treated, then wipe with a very clean, soft, lint-free cotton or microfibre cloth, or simply with a paper towel.

Formulated without fragrance to prevent streaks

When washing cotton cloths used to clean windows, do not add fabric softeners or laundry fragrances during the final rinse since their residues are one of the potential causes of streaks on glass. For best results, use ordinary paper towels, the modern version of traditional sheets of newspaper!

Where can i find Glasnet?

Glasnet Information on the availability of this product in the Nuncas retail point nearest to you