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Special neutral detergent for electronic devices


A birthday party means plenty of fun! The house is full of children and their little hands ... but as soon as they’re gone the plasma TV and the computer are full of marks ...
What should be used to clean these delicate electronic devices? What’s the best way to get rid of fingerprints from a mobile phone? And from the intercom system and the home phone?

Hi-Tech is an absolutely innovative neutral detergent, designed for the daily cleaning of all electronic devices – even the most delicate – any time a damp cloth is not enough.
Its anti-static formula makes it ideal for effectively removing streaks and fingerprints from monitors, computers and TV screens without leaving streaks and to prevent dust from accumulating too quickly. The special cloth included, in pure microfibre fabric, is essential for the application of Hi-Tech since it cleans safely without scratching the protective and anti-glare film of many devices (never use a paper towel, too abrasive).
Specially formulated to care for the latest technological devices.

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Spray the product onto the supplied cloth (never directly on the surface) and wipe without exerting too much pressure.
Periodically wash the microfibre cloth by hand or in the washing machine.

Contains no added fragrances to prevent streaks from forming on screens

Hi-Tech, as opposed to other products commonly used for glass, contains no ammonia, surfactants, perfume or solvents that can damage eyeglass lenses and flat screens. It’s the perfect product for cleaning video camera lenses, camera lenses, telephones and mobile phones. It even removes traces of toner dust from printers and fax machines!

Where can i find Hi-Tech?

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