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Passione Nero

Passione Nero

Specific detergent for dark fabrics

Passione Nero

You have to wash your dark clothes but you want an intense colour without stains? This is the true dilemma of perfect laundry! How to keep the dark colours of our clothes intense and brilliant while fighting the toughest stains? Nuncas has created Passion for Black, the ideal solution for protecting dark colours, wash after wash. And thanks to its special formula, it removes even the most stubborn stains. The effectiveness of Nuncas, the timeless beauty of black!

Passion for Black is the special detergent formulated to preserve the absolute black and brilliance of dark-coloured garments in cotton, linen, viscose and synthetic fibres. Its special formula is even effective in cold water to effectively remove dirt and the most stubborn stains.

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For all of your dark laundry needs.
In the washing machine simply pour Passion for Black in the washing machine’s detergent tray following the dosage instructions indicated on the label.
By hand dilute the recommended quantity of product in 5 litres of warm or hot water, soak the garments for 30 minutes, rubbing gently near any stains then rinse thoroughly

Passion for Black has a pleasant talcum and woody fragrance.

Before starting the wash cycle, apply a few drops of Passion for Black directly on garments with stubborn stains. Remember to always dry your garments in the shade!

Where can i find Passione Nero?

Passione Nero Information on the availability of this product in the Nuncas retail point nearest to you