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Inox Polishing Detergent

Inox Polishing Detergent

Specific detergent for the daily care of steel and chrome surfaces

Inox Polishing Detergent

It’s hygienic ... indestructible and extremely modern! The charm of stainless steel is unmistakable ... a material featured more and more often in modern kitchens, especially in contemporary settings. Beautiful and eye-catching, yet so overly sensitive! Fingerprints, streaks and marks along with limestone deposits near taps and stoves can turn into a nightmare, since they are immediately visible on these large, bright and shiny surfaces. You need a specific solution to keep it looking nice and shiny, protected from scratches and limescale deposits, a solution that helps you to clean quickly, even for last-minute touch-ups.

Stainless Steel Polishing Detergent is a product specifically formulated for cleaning all chrome and stainless steel household finishes. Essential for keeping large modern surfaces shiny, such as refrigerators, dishwashers and hoods as it removes dust, fingerprints and grease.
This innovative product – the only one of its kind on the market – has an instantly effective, rinse-free formula for frequent use throughout the day.


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Spray directly onto the surface to be treated (or only where needed) and after a few seconds wipe with a soft, clean cloth until completely absorbed. No need to rinse or dry.

Formulated without fragrance to prevent streaks

Also perfect for cleaning trim and aluminium door and window frames

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