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Lingerie & Seta

Lingerie & Seta

Delicate detergent for silk garments and stretch fabrics

Lingerie & Seta
Available only in-Italy

The beauty of lingerie lies in its precious fabrics, along with its ability to contour and shape the silhouette of our bodies. These fine and precious fibres and the maintenance of their fit requires a special detergent formulated to effectively combine a cleaning and sanitising action with the necessary gentleness required to leave your garments perfectly hydrated and in top shape, just like new.

This special liquid detergent cares for all garments in silk and stretch and delicate fabrics, including lingerie. Its special formula is effective in cold water and removes dirt without altering the fibres and, most importantly, respecting the colours.
Silk tends to bleed and stain if moistened while ironing: the plant-based proteins of Silks & Delicates smooth out the fibres for easy ironing with flawless results.
The neutral pH prevents the fibres from drying, preserves their elasticity and helps garments maintaining their shape and fit. Its sanitising action makes this detergent perfect for safely cleaning lingerie, removing even ordinary stains without damaging fabrics.

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(dosage instructions are listed on the label)
Suitable for washing both by hand and in the washing machine.
For hand washing: dilute the product in warm water and allow the garments to soak for about 10 minutes, rubbing gently where needed. Rinse well, until the foam is completely eliminated.
In the washing machine: pour the correct dose into the tray and wash with a silk setting (or delicate programme). It is recommended to wash lingerie in a mesh laundry bag and not to exceed a temperature of 30°C. To dry, lay the silk garments flat or place on a hanger for easy ironing.

Unforgettable rose fragrance that captures the senses from the very first wash.

Pour a few drops directly onto stains or areas in need of a more effective treatment. Use on swimsuits to keep them looking beautiful and new!

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