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Outdoor Bike and Leisure

Outdoor Bike and Leisure

Outdoor ready to use degreaser

Outdoor Bike and Leisure

With the arrival of summer, gardens, terraces and balconies come into their own. The first warm rays of sunshine tempt us outside to spend more time on our outdoor hobbies and activities. So it’s important not to be caught unprepared, to make sure our yards, and all the objects we use outside, are clean and tidy, and to do this by taking a responsible attitude to the environment. The need to keep outside spaces clean and respect the environment is the inspiration for Outdoor, the new line of practical products from Nuncas that care for your home’s outdoor areas and safeguard nature. The range is based on impact containment criteria without exceptions to Nuncas maximum effectiveness. The products in the new line have been carefully formulated with raw materials obtained from renewable sources and food industry waste, such as beet sugar, coconut oil and palm oil sourced from sustainable crops (which are fully and quickly biodegradable). They are fragrance-free and emit no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), to help keep the air cleaner. And they contain no raw materials with harmful or toxic effects for people, the soil and aquatic ecosystems. Likewise the bottles: made from recycled plastic, they can be endlessly recycled, to ensure maximum respect for the environment.


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The outdoor cleaning product for all sports and leisure time equipment, such as bicycles, strollers and garden games. Its powerful degreasing formula immediately eliminates atmospheric dirt. The practical trigger lets you apply the product with precision, to eliminate grease spots and tarmac residue.

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Spray the product directly on the surface to be cleaned and wipe with a damp sponge. For very stubborn dirt and encrusted soil, rinsing may be necessary.


Invaluable for cleaning the wheels of strollers after a long walk. Try it also on shutters and fences: they will come back as new

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