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Passione Bianco

Passione Bianco

Detergent for whites; renewed brightness for cotton, linen and synthetics

Passione Bianco

The splendour of white on fabrics and clothing is timeless and full of charm! But how do we repair the ravages of time and washes that tend to dull and damage the bright white of the fibres? When you need to regenerate your whites and restore them to their original state of purity, choose a regenerating treatment that helps keep white bright, wash after wash. Also suitable for delicate fibres and valuable garments.
Passion for White by Nuncas is the ideal solution for keeping white looking bright over time.

This concentrated detergent is rich with enzymes, making it effective at low temperatures (30°C). Perfect for removing protein stains and those caused by sugars and starches (like those found in most foods) from table linens.
Its formula removes the dullness deposited on the fibres over time, thanks to its high content of optical brighteners. Restores the luminous and candid white of new fabric that is usually lost by washing. Perfect for all of your laundry needs – sheets, tablecloths, shirts and more.

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(dosage instructions are listed on the label)
For washing all of your whites.
In the washing machine pour a small amount directly into the washing machine compartment. Dissolves completely, even in cold water, and leaves no residue.
By hand dissolve the recommended dose in lukewarm or cold water, depending on the type of fabric. Immerse the garments and soak for 30 minutes. Rub the more soiled areas and rinse thoroughly.

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Passion for White can also be used on valuable fabrics that often lay folded in drawers and take on unsightly, greyish folds, on doilies yellowed by the sun and for all of your white loads, to prevent yellowing and to restore whiteness to your fabrics.

Where can i find Passione Bianco?

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