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Fragrant Floors Fiorito

Fragrant Floors Fiorito

All-purpose cleaner suitable for all floors

Fragrant Floors Fiorito

It’s not necessarily true that you have to sacrifice on fragrance when cleaning to remove grease (and it’s not true that you have to smell the scent of ammonia). Have you ever noticed how nice it is to come home and smell the pleasant scent of freshly-washed floors? It’s a source of pride for the homemaker that offers a feeling of well-being for the entire family and friends who come into the house. This is easy to achieve if you use a product specially designed to wash and add a pleasant fragrance to the room in a single step. Ideal for everyday dirt, for floors that are fresh and scented day after day, not just clean.

Nuncas Fragrant Floors is an all-purpose cleaner suitable for all floors and washable surfaces in the home (including marble and parquet). Its neutral pH respects even the most delicate surfaces, cleaning without removing any wax. Its powerful cleaning action (it’s four times more concentrated than many products on the market) cleans deep-down and sanitises thanks to its alcohol content. Perfect results are guaranteed with one simple step – without streaking – even when performed by those less accustomed to clean floors. What’s more, when the job is done, the room will be filled with a pleasant, long-lasting fragrance.

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(dosage instructions are listed on the label)
For the daily cleaning of all wax and non-wax floors, use Fragrant Floors diluted in water. Maximum hygiene in one simple step, with no need to rinse.
When used full-strength on a sponge, it’s ideal for cleaning sinks, wall tiles and sanitary fixtures.

Wildflower bouquet
Orange blossom
Lavender of Provence
Mediterranean Citrus

Use on a clean damp cloth for cleaning vertical bathroom and kitchen surfaces or sanitary fixtures – no need to rinse.

Where can i find Fragrant Floors Fiorito?

Fragrant Floors Fiorito Information on the availability of this product in the Nuncas retail point nearest to you