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Jacket and Fabric Refresher

Jacket and Fabric Refresher

Immediately eliminates odours, leaving no streaks behind

Jacket and Fabric Refresher

Every time a clean garment absorbs a foul odour (food, smoke, smog, sweat), instead of washing (in water or dry cleaning) you should turn to a super practical product that immediately and effectively eliminates odours, without leaving any traces behind. You need a modern solution that prevents you from performing the "ritual" of hanging the garment in "punishment" outdoors all night (exposing it to humidity, smog and cold, enemies of wool and many delicate fabrics).

Jacket and Fabric Refresher is a spray that is applied directly to fabrics to be deodorised. Effective thanks to two active ingredients. The first breaks down the odour molecules, helping them to evaporate from the fibres. The second active ingredient surrounds the odour making it undetectable. The purification action is combined with a pleasant scent that remains on the fabric while the product acts, eliminating foul odours in an immediate and effective way: first by covering the smell, then by annihilating it. The result is an instantly refreshed garment, with a freshly-washed scent. Of course without staining or leaving streaks

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Spray on clothing from a distance of about 25 centimetres, before storing in drawers, closets, or wearing them once again.

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Perfect for the underarms of jackets and structured hats in addition to sofas and upholstery fabrics (curtains, pillows) and for car interiors and suitcases. The perfect remedy to keep in the office for refreshing men's clothing exposed to smoke and smog during the work day. Wonderful for spraying on coats that remain closed in closets.

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