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Smackia Col

Smackia Col

Triple-action pre-treatment specially formulated for shirts: removes stains, eliminates odours and sanitises

Smackia Col

Wouldn’t you like to have a little genie that eliminates rings around the collars and cuffs of shirts or high neck tops and that you don’t have to scrub with Marseille soap (an action that wears out fabric over time)? Collars and Cuffs by Nuncas is a truly magical pre-treatment – not only does it clean your most commonly worn garments without damaging them with excessive friction, it also removes unpleasant odours that accumulate in the underarm, sanitising the fibres for a long-lasting, clean freshness.

A special pre-treatment that removes traces of smog, bodily residue, make-up and soot that accumulates in the shirt’s most stubborn areas: around the cuffs and collar. Its formula gently dissolves dirt, detaching it from the fabric, to avoid attracting more dirt. Most importantly, it leaves laundered shirts with a fresh scent. Applied on the underarm, it sanitises the fabric and eliminates the bacteria responsible for bad odours. Use when needed, not every time you wash your shirts. Ideal for delicates or synthetic fabrics, such as wool and silk, which can only be washed at low temperatures.

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Thanks to its practical trigger spray, it can be applied directly on the spot to be treated before washing by hand or in the machine, with no waste. Wait for a few minutes to allow the product to penetrate well, then place the garment directly in the washing machine and wash as usual. Do not use on garments that cannot be washed in water – for colourful shirts that have never been laundered before, wash immediately without waiting for the product to act to prevent fading.

Fresh and balsamic

Perfect for eliminating the smell of sweat from the underarm area of technical garments and sportswear. Suitable for both shirts and wool sweaters: this truly unique product not only cleans and sanitises deep-down, it even prevents the formation of odours

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