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Specific pre-treatment for food, fruit, grass and blood stains


Every woman knows: a perfect load of laundry needs a perfect stain remover. The right ally that works with the detergent to erase even the toughest stains: sauce, grass, wine, fruit ... Perfect results require accuracy and the right approach, not makeshift remedies. Nuncas offers reliable products for your stain-removal needs: practical, essential and effective even at low temperatures and with the short cycles of today’s washing machines, designed to use less water and less energy.

Smackia is an anti-stain laundry pre-treatment specially formulated to treat localised stains. Enriched with enzymes and vegetable soap, it acts on greasy stains (primarily consisting of animal, vegetable or synthetic fats) such as butter, oil or lubricant and on enzymatic stains (made of protein-based substances that attach to the fibres with heat) including eggs, milk, yoghurt, cheese, chocolate and cocoa. It’s also effective at low temperatures, safe on fibres and acts deep-down without altering colours. In other words: it provides guaranteed results!

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Spray Smackia pre-treatment directly onto the stain to cover it completely. Gently rub to penetrate the active ingredients and, when using on thick fabrics, apply to the reverse side as well. Leave on for 10 minutes, then proceed to wash by hand or in the washing machine with regular detergent.

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