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Smackia Ogni Macchia

Smackia Ogni Macchia

Laundry additive with a stain-fighting and brightening action

Smackia Ogni Macchia

Every woman knows: a perfect load of laundry needs a perfect stain remover. The right ally that works with the detergent to erase even the toughest stains: sauce, grass, wine, fruit ... Perfect results require accuracy and the right approach, not makeshift remedies. Nuncas offers reliable products for your stain-removal needs: practical, essential and effective even at low temperatures and with the short cycles of today’s washing machines, designed to use less water and less energy.

Smackia All Stains is an innovative laundry additive that is ideal for removing stains from the entire load of laundry, either by hand or in the washing machine. Its sanitising formula with active oxygen makes it particularly suitable for washing children’s clothing. Acts on greasy, coloured or enzymatic stains (i.e. constituted by proteins and starches, such as egg, cream, chocolate). Leaves garments clean and strain-free with just a single dose!

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For machine washing, pour a scoop of Smackia All Stains (about 30 g) directly into the drum. Add the detergent to the detergent compartment and proceed with a regular wash.
For hand washing, dip the garments in 5 litres of warm water, then add a scoop of Smackia All Stains and stir the water to quickly dissolve the product. Soak the garments for one hour, gently rubbing the areas with the most stubborn stains, and then wash as usual.

Fragrance-free product

To treat stubborn stains, use two scoops of product and increase the temperature to 60°C if the composition of the fabric allows you to do so.

Where can i find Smackia Ogni Macchia?

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