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Sportswear Pretrattante

Sportswear Pretrattante

Anti-odour pre-treatment for technical garments

Sportswear Pretrattante

"When I wash my sports clothes, I’m never completely satisfied with the results...” How many times have we heard this complaint? Fortunately, there is a solution and it’s called Nuncas Sportswear! Modern, synthetic fibres, used mainly in active wear, are completely different from conventional fibres and they need to be washed and sanitised with products that, on the one hand, preserve their colour and special performance features without removing surface treatments (waterproofing, insulation, etc.), and on the other wash deep-down at low temperatures, removing stains (grass, mud, etc.) and eliminating odours and bacteria. The Nuncas Sportswear line includes three revolutionary products for all of your sports garments. Sportswear Odour Sanitizer is an innovative pre-treatment designed to sanitise sports clothing made of synthetic and natural fabrics worn in direct contact with the skin. Sprayed directly on t-shirts, shorts and undergarments before washing, the perspiration dissolves and even unpleasant, persistent odours are eliminated by removing microorganisms that are the direct cause. Its active ingredients attach to the fibres to ensure a long-lasting sanitising, even during the next use. Respects the most delicate fabrics and does not alter colours.

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Spray Sportswear Odour Sanitizer onto the areas most steeped in sweat and leave on for 5 minutes. Proceed to wash by hand or in the washing machine as preferred. Ideal for synthetic fabrics that tend to soak up bad odours, it can also be used on cotton garments.
For garments that tend to fade, test for colour fastness on a small part of the garment. Do not use on garments to be dry cleaned only.


The fresh scent selected by Nuncas offers a long-lasting deodorising action.

Use Sportswear Odour Sanitizer on areas where sweat accumulates the most, such as the underarm area and on shorts.

Where can i find Sportswear Pretrattante?

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