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Sportswear Detergente Specifico

Sportswear Detergente Specifico

Special detergent for technical garments

Sportswear Detergente Specifico

"When I wash my sports clothes, I’m never completely satisfied with the results ...” How many times have we heard this complaint? Fortunately, today there is a solution, and it's called Nuncas Sportswear! Modern, synthetic fibres, used mainly in sportswear, are completely different from conventional fibres and they need to be washed with a detergent that preserves their special performance features without removing surface treatments (waterproofing, insulation, etc.) and colours. These garments also need to be cleaned deep-down to remove special stains (grass, mud, etc.) and eliminate odour and bacteria without drying the garments, leaving them stiff.

Sportswear Special Detergent is the new generation of detergent for all your sportswear. It’s the only liquid cleanser designed to wash and regenerate clothing and sporting accessories made of synthetic and technical fibres. Leaves clothing clean and fully sanitised even at low temperatures thanks to its special formula that is effective on stains typically encountered when playing sports and against the unpleasant smell of sweat. Eliminates bacteria by sanitising fabrics while keeping them elastic. Leaves the unique structure of the fibres intact without altering the effectiveness of UV filters and waterproof finishes.


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Be sure the garments are washable in water. Use Sportswear Special Detergent in the washing machine on special settings for sports garments or delicate wash cycles at temperatures below 40 ° C. When hand washing, dilute the product in lukewarm water, soak for 30 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Apply a few drops of detergent to stubborn stains before washing.

The fresh scent selected by Nuncas offers a long-lasting deodorising action

Sportswear Special Detergent is also perfect for washing sneakers and knapsacks: for impeccable results!

Where can i find Sportswear Detergente Specifico?

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