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Vegetale Ammorbidente per Bucato

Vegetale Ammorbidente per Bucato

With natural active ingredients and rice protein

Vegetale Ammorbidente per Bucato

Sensitive care for the skin, respect for the environment and effectiveness. We don’t live in glass houses. We live in an environment that is positively or negatively influenced by our choices: it's important to achieve a sustainable balance between human activities, socio-economic development, the use of resources and the regenerative capacity of nature.
This is the philosophy behind Nuncas Natural line: a range of products with 100% plant-based active ingredients, completely and rapidly biodegradable, with solutions formulated to respect consumer health, and bottles made of recycled plastic that can be completely recycled once again. The products in the Nuncas Vegetable line, as opposed to other cleaners that are often water-based, are highly effective and extremely environmentally friendly.


As with all Nuncas Natural products, its Fabric Softener is dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic, contains no allergens of any kind (no preservatives or fragrances) and the nickel contained in the product is less than 0.00001%, the threshold below which allergic reactions do not occur, not even among allergy-sufferers. These features are particularly important in a fabric softener, which penetrates fibres to leave them water resistant, smooth and soft. This is why, for those with sensitive skin and for children, it is important to use an extremely gentle fabric softener that reduces the risk of allergies as much as possible. Natural Fabric Softener, in addition to the features common to all products in the line, does not contain dyes and is supplemented with rice proteins to increase skin tolerance.

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Pour Natural Fabric Softener into the fabric softener compartment, or dilute it in the last rinse when washing by hand. Carefully follow the dosage instructions: since this is a concentrated product, a little goes a long way!

Neutral floral

Essential for leaving all types of children’s undergarments soft and delicately scented, even infant bodysuits.

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