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Vegetale Sapone Marsiglia

Vegetale Sapone Marsiglia

Ideal for washing the clothing of those who have sensitive skin or are prone to irritant dermatitis or allergic reactions

Vegetale Sapone Marsiglia

We don’t live in glass houses. We live in an environment that is positively or negatively influenced by our choices: it's important to achieve a sustainable balance between human activities, socio-economic development, the use of resources and the regenerative capacity of nature. This is the philosophy behind Nuncas Natural: a range of products with 100% plant-based active ingredients, completely and rapidly biodegradable and environmentally friendly, with solutions formulated to respect consumer health and bottles made of recycled plastic that can be completely recycled once again. In addition to being environmentally friendly, all the products in the line offer unparalleled cleaning performance while being gentle on fabrics and surfaces: the Nuncas quality guarantee.

Traditional Marseille Soap is obtained using the age-old traditional method from Marseille where vegetable oil is boiled for one week. This is the only way to obtain a complete saponification and the most effective product that is still gentle on the fibres and colours. Its superior stain-removal power also makes it ideal for pre-treating stains and spots. It contains no fragrance, preservatives or dyes, so it is ideal for washing the clothing of those who have sensitive skin or are prone to irritant dermatitis or allergic reactions.
Traditional Marseille Soap is also available in flakes so it can even be used safely in the washing machine.

Available in two formats:
Bar – 250 gr.
Flakes – 400 gr.

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Bar: wet the soap then gently rub it over the stain and heavily soiled areas. Let it sit for a few minutes then proceed to wash by hand or in the washing machine based on your laundering preferences and the characteristics of the garment.
To hand wash your garments: dissolve 2 tablespoons of flakes in 5 litres of hot or warm water. Immerse the garments and let them soak for about half an hour. Rub gently, particularly around spots and stains, then rinse thoroughly.
For perfect results in the washing machine: place the flakes of Marseille Soap on the bottom of the washing machine drum before loading your clothes. If your washing machine allows it, run an additional rinse cycle

Natural scent of soap

Traditional Marseille Soap has superior stain-fighting power.
The bar is ideal for removing grease stains and traces of body oil.
Add a handful of flakes to your usual detergent for an even cleaner load of laundry.


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