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Glass Ceramic & Induction

Glass Ceramic & Induction

Special product for cleaning glass ceramic and induction surfaces

Glass Ceramic & Induction

It is certainly beautiful to look at – when it’s shiny, new and free of scratches! But what happens to your glass ceramic cooking hob if you don’t clean it with a specific product? It gets scratched, becomes opaque and loses all the beauty that is characteristic of these modern surfaces, transforming it into a simple opaque rectangle that leaves much to be desired.

Glass Ceramic is a cream for the daily cleaning of cooking hobs (even the most modern induction models), cookware and utensils, which does not scratch. Since traditional degreasers are harsh on glass ceramic surfaces that become dull and rough, Nuncas has developed a gently abrasive product to remove scale and capture dirt. Easy to rinse, this streak-free formula creates a protective film that leaves surfaces shiny.


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Shake well before use and pour a little product on a damp sponge. Treat the cool or lukewarm surface and leave on for a few minutes. Wipe the surface, insisting on more stubborn dirt and rinse with a clean sponge.

Fragrance-free product

Test its effectiveness on baking pans and glass ceramic utensils. Also great on the blackened glass of fireplaces and stoves!

Where can i find Glass Ceramic & Induction?

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