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Wannet Easy

Wannet Easy

Limescale remover detergent

Wannet Easy

When limescale deposits attack delicate surfaces, leaving them opaque and filled with white streaks, you need a product that acts intelligently: strong on the scaling, delicate on surfaces. Practical for everyday use for preventive care.

Wannet Easy is a mild limescale detergent for the daily cleaning of shower cubicles and whirlpool baths. Its non-aggressive formula is specifically designed to give instant shine to even the most delicate surfaces, such as fibreglass and polycarbonate.
The handy dispenser spray makes it quick and easy to use, even on vertical walls; its viscous consistency makes it adhere perfectly so it can effectively dissolve soap scum and limescale deposits. Also perfect for cleaning tiles, removing grey and unsightly white or yellow streaks. Used regularly on steel and chrome surfaces, it enhances the brilliance of the surface while preventing tarnishing and corrosion.

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Apply Wannet Blue by spraying directly onto the surface to be treated. Leave on for a few seconds, then rinse well and dry if necessary. To clean shower cubicles, there’s no need to use it every day. For best results, remove water from the inside walls when finished showering with a simple squeegee, and clean with Wannet Blue at least once a week.

Delicate honeysuckle fragrance

Use it on tiles around the bathtub, in the kitchen sink and anywhere in continuous contact with water that leaves opaque and whitish deposits.

Where can i find Wannet Easy?

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