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Wannet Forte

Wannet Forte

Concentrated limescale remover

Wannet Forte

Limescale deposits are often the main cause of unsightly stains that are deposited on the shiny and bright surfaces of the home ... almost out of spite! Dreadful yellowish stains on the white enamel of the toilet, white streaks on the taps or sinks in shiny steel ... If you’re not happy with the results obtained with the products you normally use, or the results don’t last long enough, you’re probably using something that is not specific, effective and gentle enough! Don’t destroy the enamel of your sanitary fixtures in an attempt to dissolve limescale deposits: use a product with a specific balanced formula, such as Wannet Strong.

Wannet Strong is a detergent that removes limescale deposits throughout the home, specifically formulated for bathrooms and perfect for use on sanitary fixtures. Thanks to its controlled-viscosity formula, it acts deep-down as it adheres well to surfaces and penetrates calcareous residues to disintegrate them quickly. Eliminates yellow spots caused by water drips almost instantly and restores the original shine of ceramic, steel and glass for a flawlessly clean surface.

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Apply Wannet Strong directly onto the surface to be treated, distributing the product with a damp sponge (protect your hands with rubber gloves).
Leave on for a few minutes then rinse thoroughly.

Fragrance-free product

Use it wherever limescale deposits seem to take over, such as aquarium glass or in small nozzles of shower heads and tap aerators.

Where can i find Wannet Forte?

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